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OASIS – the international community of financially independent people,which are
united by principles of trust and mutual aid.



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OASIS. Life of fund.

OASIS. Life of fund.

  • Life quality
  • Striving to grow
  • Financial independence

Life quality

Any socially oriented community of adherents are united by the single purpose or by the several uniting factors which steadily create basis for development of growth and the life quality improvement of each member. The OASIS is the main uniting factor and technologically created social financial tool which is individually creats the most comfortable conditions for a better life and financial freedom of those who appreciate safety, mutual aid and equitable distribution of material benefits among all persons in need.

It is important to understand that the high level of a life quality for an each OASIS member isn’t privilege if you became a part of OASIS. It is norm for any member and advantage before those who for one reason or another couldn’t estimate fully all magnificence and social security of participation in OASIS yet.

Striving to grow

The OASIS is the international social factor of transparency, stability and community of mutual aid which works at the Ethereum smart contract. Understanding essence of the smart contract, it is easy to understand that the driving force of the community development and its stability in time – logical continuation of his initial nature. Because the smart contract has one the feature, major for each member, – refusal of ownership that in turn guarantees equal opportunities to participants and community of all processes management.

Financial independence

The essence of a smart contract – to ensure safety of functioning of OASIS fund. Automatically operating algorithm of a profit distribution between all members has been created on the smart contract and has free access in Ethereum blockchain-technology. It means that control of processes of community has been voluntarily ceded by creators of OASIS in favor of the smart contract. It significantly increases profitability, safety and availability.

Financial independence is effectively reached due to applying of the smart contract and using of the last achievements of the profit distribution technologies between participants of process. Thus full protection of each member OASIS is provided and the financial community in general continues to develop with guarantee as a single socially significant factor of prosperity and social relationship.


  • Social aspect of mission
    Our help and aid
  • Financial aspect
    Availability of a high profit
  • Independent management
    Smart-contract implementation

Social aspect of mission

Uniting of the people seeking to reach financial independence, safe and equitable distribution of profit between all members it is the main goals which we want to reach, providing to everyone from any country of the world of OASIS as the uniform platform of social fund and a reliable way of obtaining financial independence by the last achievements of blockchain-technologies and smart contracts.

Financial aspect

Thanks to unique technology of the algorithmic and automatic distribution of the Ethereum cryptocurrency among members which performs on the modern and not having analogs of the smart contract OASIS basis, which can’t be changed, we have received opportunities, unique by own nature, for constantly working fund within blockchain-technology with stable, risk-free and high profit.

Independent management

The most significant part of our mission consists in providing to all participants of the process of uncontested a reliable and independent way of a profit receiving. This can only be the way of a smart contract. Only creation of the technology making impossible external intervention in the mechanism of of a profit distribution and in advance stipulated and unchangeable conditions of cooperation can guarantee trouble-free functioning of the OASIS fund.

How does OASIS works?

Advanced technology of a cryptocurrency distribution on the smart contract basis

Appliyng of smart contracts – the most advanced step to achievement of absolutely new level of credibility of all interested in cooperation and receiving stable profit of the parties of process. The impossibility of the smart contract changing and the refusal of ownership registered directly in the automated model create an unique conditions of cooperation and do the participation in the fund safe, predicted and profitable.


Smart-contract created

Check code at

Check code at

Investing conditions to the OASIS fund

per dayfor 50 days

The best condition of a passive earnings

The main difference of work of the OASIS smart contract within functioning of investments is that investments are limited to work term. This term fixed is in 50 calendar days, after which investment stops work and for continuation of a profit receiving it is necessary to create new investment in fund.

How to place ETH to OASIS fund?

Send min 0.01 ETH to the OASIS smart contract fund

0x4390A19282c661c9eB8fFb47faCA7AD4b47D21fc Join

Recommended gas limit is: 300000, current gas price can be checked

Transfer from exchange wallets isn’t allowed. Transfer is possible only from your personal ETH-wallet from which you have private keys.

How to withdraw ETH from OASIS?

Send 0 ETH to the OASIS fund address and receive your payment instantly

check contribution

Fund distribution


Transparency of process of the funds distribution – advantage of fund and an indicator of a social maturity of the organization. Participation of each member in the OASIS social fund of the funds distribution is not only receiving of a stable profit on safe conditions. It also the high social standards established by fund. As you can see from the chart is lower, OASIS gives the chance to change life to the best to many needing people, transferring a part of funds for charity.

are distributed between participants


for marketing and promotion






To partners

To partners

3-tier partnership program

3-tier partnership program

1.5 %

If you have specified a referer, then the referral bonus will make 1.5% of the investment amount or 50% of the amount provided by the partner program for deposits of partners of the 1st level of referral structure.

How does the partnership program OASIS works?


Your partner specifies the address of your ETH wallet in the “DATA” field in a wallet of Metamask or Myetherwallet at investing to OASIS.


The system defines that you’re the referrer and accrual automatically to you 1.5 from deposit of your partner.


Your partner automatically receives 1.5% refback from the deposit, having used your ref. link

Generate a referral link for the fast
invitation of partners to the OASIS


Check your partners and accruals,
having entered the address of your ETH wallet



Following in the footsteps of Vitalik Buterin

Money from Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum in an amount of $2.4 million in virtual currency of his company has received to SENS Research Foundation fund.

Aubrey de Gray, the founder of this fund, has written the book about the researches in the sphere of the rejuvenating therapy. In this book he considers means of medicine of the near future as one of ways of a victory over aging. Itself of fund is engaged in studying and the solution of problems in fight against diseases which lead to aging of the person.

Mr. Buterin has noted that he from the childhood became the great admirer Aubrey and this purpose is close to him, he also wants to influence positively millions of lives of people worldwide.

The OASIS fund completely supports Vitalik’s
idea and transfers 1% of all volume of ETH to the SENS Research Foundation wallet.

Transfer of Eher occurs automatically на to the SENS fund wallet in the amount of 1% from of all incoming funds for the OASIS smart contract.




How does work the smart contract technology?
The smart contract is the latest digital technology allowing to create the most transparent and confidential relations of all parties participating in work of this or that smart contract.
Why the smart contract makes the investment a reliable?

There are several reasons in order that with full confidence to claim that investment with applying of the smart contract is nearly the most reliable in the world.

First, after loading to the blockchain the smart contract can’t already be changed under no circumstances. It gives confidence to investors that rules of the game won’t change on the course of the development of process. Secondly, there is such concept as refusal of ownership. It means that after loading of the smart contract with the activated “refusal of ownership” function in blockchain, the creator of the smart contract loses the actual control over it and can’t exert by no means impact on the processes happening under control of the smart contract that does use of such smart contract most predicted and honest in relation to all interested persons.

Whether the OASIS smart contract uses other cryptocurrencies, except ETH?
No. Because the OASIS is a smart contract drafted in ETH-blockchain.
How can I invest to OASIS?
Just send ETH to the address of OASIS fund, using the website of fund. We pay your attention, that transfer from exchange wallets isn’t allowed. Transfer is possible only from your personal ETH-wallet from which you have private keys.
How to withdraw ETH from OASIS?
Send 0 ETH to the address of OASIS fund’s smart contract, then you will receive your payment instantly. The withdrawal is immediately performed from all deposits.
How can I realize additional opportunities of earnings in the fund?
For this purpose is available to you the partner program, developed for optimization and development of processes of an additional earnings in our fund. Use the best opportunities of additional active income from the OASIS international community and earn totally up to 6% of total income of your referral structure for all three levels in depth.
What profit will I get by participating in the fund?
You get 3% daily for 50 days. After the expiration of this period, your deposit will be closed.
How many deposits can I make with the fund’s smart contract?
Send the minimum contribution to the address of the fund’s smart contract to activate your affiliate program.
How to activate affiliate program?
Send the minimum contribution to the address of the fund’s smart contract to activate your affiliate program.

Any questions? Ask by e-mail or in our telegram channel!